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Sports betting has become a popular investment opportunity professional punters and seasonal investors. Apart from being an exciting activity, the sports industry provide opportunities for short-term and long-term investments. This section has everything you need to know about sports betting, including betting advice and betting education that will help you become a profitable punter.

Before you dive in, you must take note that, in line with other investment opportunities, sports betting needs to be approached carefully and smartly.

Don Scott Article – Summary of his thoughts on weight (Part 1)

Don Scott was a well-known punter, mathematical genius, class, and weight standards guru and to many, he was the ‘Father of ratings.’ Don Scott through his books has taught punters how they can beat the bookmakers at their own game by analysing class, form, weight, framing value prices, and taking advantage of overlays. His book ‘Winning More’ discusses the


Bankroll Management: Why is this important in sports betting?

Sports betting can be fun and entertaining but not if you are losing big money. If you are one of those few punters that aims to take their sports betting as an investment, one of the most important aspect that you should take account to is your bankroll management. Bankroll management is classified as an essential skill in sports betting.


Important Things to Know Before you Start Betting in Sports

Sports betting has become an increasingly popular as a way of entertainment and investment. And one of the things that attracts sports enthusiasts into sports betting is that the options are just endless! Sports betting includes different sports including horse racing, soccer, basketball, and even golf. However, having knowledge about a certain sport is not enough to bet. You need

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