If you have been punting for a good amount of time, you most likely have experienced (or experiencing) losing streaks. Losing streaks are difficult to avoid but there are multiple ways on how you can break the pattern and get back to winning.

Here are some tips on how to break losing streaks:

  1. Stay calm

Punters tend to make poor decisions under pressure, especially when experiencing losing streaks. Protect your mental capital and do not try to increase your stakes to make up for your loss. Remember, you are still in the game, just a little beaten up. Everyone, even professional and seasonal punters who have been around a while have had one or several comebacks.

What you need to do is to accept responsibility, avoid blaming others and focus on improving your strategies.

  1. Study your betting history

When trying to break a losing streak, it is important to know what went wrong. Your confidence might be low or worst, make you overly aggressive to get back to your old winning ways quickly.

Before you get back to the game, access your betting history as this will help you discover what you missed and what you could have done. Maybe it’s the weather, or maybe you’ve been focusing too much on favourites.

The best learnings often occur when you come out the other side of a dark time.

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  1. Seek guidance

Learning on your own can sometimes be difficult especially if you rely on internet information that were not backed by the experts. Consider joining a community of punters and get the support you need and exchange ideas with likeminded people.

Another option is to reach out to reputable tipping services. While every punter is different and will approach things in their own way, you can optimise your betting profile by taking advantage of those professionals who spend their days doing the analysis so you don’t have to.

If things become worse, take a break for a day or two. You will realise that it’s not that big of a deal if you gain perspective. Punters who try to force a win after a losing streak make things worse.