Winning Edge Investments

Winning Edge Investments offers Australia’s leading betting tips, ratings, advice, and education enabling you to invest intelligently and generate long-term profits by treating your betting as a business, rather than just a fun hobby.

With Winning Edge Investments, you can benefit from the help of Australia’s foremost professional punters and expert analysts. Their team carefully reviews the data, crunch the figures, assess the supreme betting opportunities, and deliver them to your phone and inbox in real-time so you profit!

All of their services come with the following benefits:

  • Exclusive and industry-leading Profit Guarantee Refunds
  • A 130-page Members Information Pack to educate you on how to win long term
  • Loyalty Bonus Credits and special discounts for multiple memberships
  • Every tip includes details on the selection, how much have stake on the bet in relation to your betting bank, and advice on the price to take
  • Fair and easily achievable odds recording stated in advance, completely unlike other services that record unachievable odds at the best possible price available
  • Long term track record of sustainable profit
  • Full transparency, honesty and accountability, as the only tipping organisation that posts their results to their website and social media channels daily, win or lose
  • Real people with social media profiles who are always contactable & passionate about providing more than just tips, but also education and advice to punters on how to become highly profitable long term
  • A long list of testimonials from happy and successful long term clients
  • Unlike virtually all other tipping organisations, they do not and have not ever received affiliate commission payments from corporate bookmakers based on member losses

If you want to expand your betting education, mindset and skillset, take your betting seriously and become profitable long-term then Winning Edge Investments is the service for you.

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SmartB - Odds Comparions - Best Blackbook


Get Latest Sports News and Compare Betting Odds in Australia with SmartB

SmartB’s mission is to give all sports and racing enthusiasts freedom of choice to make informed decisions in an open marketplace. SmartB provides information, historical data, news, and more to the users of the website to help you, the punter.

All users can view fields and fixtures, best odds, news, listen to Podcasts. Sign up now to gain access to:

  • Odds Fluctuations for sports and racing
  • Betting Trends for American Major sports – know where punters are putting money and how much
  • Track, Jockey, Trainer, and Runner historical data for Horses, Harness, and Greyhounds
  • Historical Data for sports leagues, teams, and players
  • Enter competitions to win memorabilia, tickets, and more
  • The SmartB Blackbook – Add horses, jockeys, trainers, runners, and tracks to the Blackbook and be notified daily
  • The SmartB SmartBook – Add players, teams, stadium, and more to your SmartBook and be notified when they are competing

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Stable Of Stars

1. Lease a high quality racehorse

  • We acquire young horses to join our Stable through exclusive leasing arrangements with leading Breeders, Owners and Stud Managers
  • We divide each horse into 100 Private Partnership Parcels. You can take between 1 and 10 parcels in each horse
  • Anyone can join us and be a part of the ‘ownership group’ of any horse in a Private Agreement with Stable of Stars
  • Each Parcel has a small once-only fee + a fixed monthly fee
  • Prizemoney is split according to the number of parcels owned
  • First horse leased, in partnership with Winning Edge Investments and Dean Evans, was King Colorado, winner of the $1,000,000 JJ Atkins Group 1 at just his 3rd start!
  • Our aim is to significantly reduce the financial risk to race a horse whilst increasing the chances of having a quality racehorse. We only lease the best of the best. 1 in 10 yearlings offered to us are accepted

2. 5 Star Membership

  • We offer anyone the chance to experience all aspects of racehorse ownership – without the usual costs to be involved.
  • The project has been devised and structured to be a ‘no-brainer’. We have put together a model that enables the average everyday Australian, from any walk of life, to experience what it really feels like to be a racehorse owner of a whole stable of racehorses without the usual financial risk.
  • The program ensures lots of action. We are building a whole Stable of racehorses across every Australian State. When you are a member of Stable of Stars, you enjoy all of the ownership experiences across every horse in our Stable, and get the chance to follow, enjoy and participate in the career of every one of the horses, just as an owner would, for as little as a Dollar a Day