NBA Preview Tuesday 16th of February


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Chicago Bulls v Indiana Pacers

11:10 am AEST

The Chicago Bulls are a team who have been slightly performing above expectation this season so far. Zach Lavine is having a career year leading this young team and when he gets consistent help from players like Coby White and Lauri Markkonen, they actually have a decent starting line up. While they were taken care of comfortably against the Clippers last time out, theyre coming off wins against the Pelicans and Magic, teams around their mark.

The Indiana Pacers on the otherhand are a fraudulent team. They beat up on the lower teams just as they did against Detroit in our pick from last Friday to easily cover the line, however when they go up in class they tend to struggle. The Pacers lack a proper defensive match up for Lavine here, however they do have the advantage above the rim with the Bulls lacking a star big man to compete against Turner and Sabonis. What the bulls lack in height however, they make up in scoring prowess, as the have three very capable shooters on the floor who can help this team put up a competitive score night in, night out.

The line here has the Pacers a -5.5 favourite at home. Similar to earlier picks, I expect them to win this match up on class alone, but do believe the high offence Bulls can put up a score that keeps them within that point total.


Back: The Chicago Bulls +5.5 at $1.90 for 2 units.


Miami Heat v LA Clippers

2:10 pm AEST


The Miami Heat continue their west coast away streak with a marquee matchup against a hobbled LA Clippers team. The Clippers will miss star Kawhi Leonard in this matchup however Paul George has been sensational this season and the supporting cast has certainly been holding their own, leading the Clippers to the third best record in all of NBA.

The Heat on the other hand have had a disappointing and interrupted start to their 2021 campaign. Injuries and Covid protocols have decimated this team to where they currently aren’t even in a playoff spot at the moment. While that is almost certain to change by the end of the regular season, right now this is a team that’s struggling for form and is ways away from the team that went to the NBA finals last year.

However, the Heat tonight do find themselves with as almost a full available roster as they’ve had in recent times, but I don’t think theyre gelling right now as a team that can come up against a top contender (albeit, without its star player) and earn the right to be a three point favourite. The aforementioned Paul George is locked in, veterans Ibaka and Williams are scoring at will right now and Jackson and Beverly are playing crazy good defence. This team is third in the NBA for a reason, they are so potent offensively and a menace on defence to balance it out.

The Miami Heat are a -3.5 favourite. I think that the line has weighed too heavily on the Kawhi Leonard injury and am shocked to see the home team with that much of a start. Happy to take the Clippers to keep this one as close as possible, and maybe even steal a win against an at sea Heat team.


Back: The LA Clippers +3.5 at $1.90